Computer service and repair in Cambridge-Isanti, Minnesota and surrounding East Central, MN area.

Computer Service

by Curt
Serving Cambridge, Isanti, Braham, Mora, North Branch, Princeton and greater East Central, MN
    Local, affordable PC repair

Virus, Malware, Adware, and Spyware Removal

These types of files constitute a malicious genre of software. These 4 terms can be associated with computer errors, crashes, data corruption, compromised security, and more. There are other maladies like bots and rootkits today, but ultimately they all cause you problems. There are many different symptoms you may experience when you encounter one of these baddies and here are just a few of the more common ones:
  • Your computer seems slow, like something is running in the background (and may well be).
  • You can't update your Windows or your antivirus program.
  • You notice new icons, toolbars, or programs have been installed on your computer.
  • Files are missing or programs won't run like they should.
  • Your computer is acting strange, sounds, images, anything that is not normal.
  • PC boots (starts) up but keeps restarting or exhibits a black or blue screen with an error.
  • PC boots to the operating system but you can't do anything.
  • PC boots to the operating system but then a screen pops-up demanding you buy or pay for something.
  • You get occasional pop-ups warning of infected files and demanding money.
  • When you try go on the Internet it takes you to a website other than what you originally intended, or your homepage has changed. (browser hijacking).

When you bring your computer to me I will analyze it and remove the offending files or objects using software and manual removal techniques. I can usually 'clean up' these types of problems up for about $100-120. In certain circumstances, when your PC or laptop is very infected or has a rootkit, I may have to backup your data and perform a restore of the whole operating system. In this case I charge more for the additonal service and for backing up your data. Your data will then be restored back to the PC when the repair is complete. You can expect about $170 for this service. I'll tell you up front what your final cost will be once I have had a look at it.

If you request a service call to your site I charge $180 for the first two hours plus $30 per half hour. These types of repairs can run 2-3 hours or more on-site so be prepared for that.

Once your problem has been resolved I will make sure your computer is up to data with the latest operating system security updates. I'll check to see if you have a antivirus program installed, and, for home users, I will install a free antivirus program if needed.

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