Computer service and repair in Cambridge-Isanti, Minnesota and surrounding East Central, MN area.

Computer Service

by Curt
Serving Cambridge, Isanti, Braham, Mora, North Branch, Princeton and greater East Central, MN
    Local, affordable PC repair

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This is what I do and I want to help you. Call me when you have an issue or if you want a second opinion. If you want to bring your computer to me or if you would like me to come to your home or business, please give me a call for the fastest service. I answer all emails but ultimately we are going to need to talk about it and it is best to do that on your time and schedule. We can also schedule a time for me to come to your site, if needed.

If you are bringing a laptop or other portable device, make sure to bring the power cords and any disks that may have come with the device. If you have a desktop computer just bring the big box and any disks that came with it. Don't bring power cords or other devices unless you have issues with those devices.

Because I sometimes get called out for service, please call ahead and make an appointment to bring your computer in for repair. When you get here come in to the front entry and ring the bell hard. For those who require some assistance, call when you arrive and I can come to your vehicle for pickup or drop-off services.

Computer Service by Curt
34423 Verdin St NW
Cambridge, MN 55008
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