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Computer Service

by Curt
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PC - Laptop Service and Repair

You're likely here because something went wrong and now your computer is broken. But if you're from the Cambridge, MN area then you're in luck, because I can fix it for you and it won't cost a fortune. In fact, most repairs for items that you bring to me for service cost about $100-150 to fix. Don't take your PC anywhere else until you call me first. Let's get started.

A computer may exhibit many different unwanted symptoms, requiring a trip to your local service or repair shop. Don't wait for things to get better, they usually don't. It's time to inquire about service or repair of your PC if you experience any of these symptoms:
  • Dead. No light, no sound, no LED's...nothing. Or it powers on but screen is black.
  • Powers up but keeps restarting or it exhibits a black or blue screen with error message.
  • Boots (starts) up, but Internet connection fails (or is it your router or modem)?
  • Boots up, however, [your software program] is not working.
  • Boots up, however, [your plug-in or wireless device] is not working.

These are just a few computer symptoms my clients encounter, but your problem or error may be different. In any case, it can't hurt to call me about your computer repair questions. I'll give you no-nonsense advice about what you should do in your particluar situation. If I think you need a service call I'll tell you, but you can save money in some cases by bringing it in to me. A service call costs $120 for the first hour and $30 per half hour after that. When you bring it to me, I can usually fix these computer hardware issues for about $120-190 including parts, excluding motherboard replacement. And whether you decide to bring it in or call me out to your site, rest assured that the same guy you talked to on the phone will be fixing your stuff.

If you have a laptop or notepad you may encounter additional electronic and mechanically related issues compared with a simple desktop computer. You know, things like:

  • Battery is dead and/or battery won't charge.
  • If you have to wiggle or bend the cord to get it to work...sometimes.
  • Exhibits "lights are on but nobody's home" syndrome (not so funny, this can be bad).
  • It feels hot on the bottom and/or the fan is running constantly/not running at all.
  • Wireless or wi-fi fails to connect to the Internet or locate hot-spots.
  • LCD screen is dim, dead, or cracked and it bums you out.
  • Keys are sticky, missing, and/or broken or the touchpad doesn't work.
  • The screen won't close or a hinge is broken.

Buying a new computer is not always the answer. Your computer components may just need to be upgraded, repaired, or replaced. It's not that expensive, (some parts can be upgraded for less than $150 including parts). I can upgrade or replace computer hardware components like these, and more:

  • RAM (Memory)
  • PATA and SATA Hard Disk Drives
  • Sound & Graphics Cards and USB ports
  • Network Interface Cards, Wireless Devices, and Modems
  • CD\DVD\Blue Ray Burners\Players and Floppy Drives
  • Power Supplies and Motherboards (Mainboards)
  • Laptop DC Jack Replacement, Batteries, and AC Adapters
  • Laptop LCD Screen and Backlight Replacement
  • Laptop Keyboard Cleaning, Repair and Replacement

Hey, not every repair is worth the expense. For example, replacing a motherboard, in some cases, is not worth the cost when compared to investing your money into a new PC. Call me now with your computer service questions. I can help you make a more educated decision when it comes time to repair or replace hardware and software that is sometimes outdated.

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